Carnival of Money Pros

This MoneyPros site has it’s own carnival, created to help the pf blogging community.

What “To Do” to participate:

If you are interested in hosting a session, click this: “Host a Carnival of Money Pros link

If you are interested in submitting an article, click this: “Submit an Article to the Carnival of Money Pros link

Carnival of Money Pros Rules:

  1. Submit a recent article (articles older than 1 month should not be accepted).
  2. Reciprocate by including a referring link back to the carnival host.  The Carnival Host could remove your article if you don’t follow this rule.
  3. No SPAM, niche sites or other non-blogging websites that especially doesn’t follow rule 2.
  4. Sign up to host a carnival session in the future at some point.



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