My Early Retirement Journey Recap

Recently, it dawned on me that Retire By 40 is a bit disorganized. It has been almost four years since I started writing, and that means there are a lot of blog posts.  A new reader can drop in and read a few articles, but it’s not easy to get the whole perspective on this early retirement journey that I’m on.  So I thought I’d put a recap together and ad
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Revamping Our Early Retirement Backup Plan

Last time, we looked at the fear of outliving your money in early retirement. This is a real danger if you quit working in your 30s, 40s, or even 50s. You will spend much more time in retirement and that will greatly increase the risk of outliving your money. We put some safeguards into place so we’d get an early warning if our finances start to go south. Here
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When Debt is a Good Thing

Back in the post called “Back in Debt But It is Different this Time“, I mentioned that instead of buying my used Toyota Camry outright, I decided to take advantage of the cheap loan interest rates and borrowing the money from the banks and invest the cash that I would have used to purchase the […]
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Keys to Retiring Early

The following article is from Mike, our staff writer.  Just about everyone I know dreams of retiring early.  Usually it’s either because they’re stuck in a dead end job they can’t stand or because they want the freedom to spend more time with their family, traveling the world, or following their passions. For most people, the prospect of retiring early i
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I’m Married!

So obviously I haven’t posted in a while, and there’s a good reason for that. I was getting married, and then I went on my honeymoon. I’m now a very happily married man and I have had a lot of changes and interesting things happen to me over the past few weeks, so I have a lot of posts that […]
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Early Retirement Fear – What if you run out of money?

As I mentioned in my Early Retirement Recap, the last barrier to early retirement for most people is the fear of running out of money.  Actually, I’m sure everyone worries about running out of money whether they plan to retire early or late. The real problem for early retirees is that most retirement studies are based on a 15 to 25 year retirement. The earlier
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